In July this year, SPRING Singapore ordered a local retailer to recall their unregistered power adaptors it has sold with its personal mobility devices. It was found that there was an alleged infringement of the safety regulations, with identical safety marks found on different models of power adaptors.

Power adaptors for such devices, like the electric scooters and electric bicycles, must be registered with SPRING Singapore and issued with a safety mark before they can be sold.


What is a SAFETY MARK?

A safety mark that as been assigned to a product contains an eight digit registration number unique to the particular product. Under the Consumer Protection (Safety Requirements) Registration Scheme, power adaptors belong to the 45 categories of Controlled Goods and are required to carry the SAFETY Mark. This SAFETY Mark can be found on either the product or the packaging itself.

Here is an example of one of our SAFETY Mark found on our power adaptor.



Why is a SAFETY Mark important?

It is a rigorous process for the distributors and retailers of personal mobility devices (PMD) to send their various power adaptors for testing by SPRING Singapore. In some cases, some power adaptors do not pass the SPRING Singapore’s safety requirements. Power adaptors that fail to meet the mark may lack the proper safeguards and insulation required to prevent fire, short circuit, electric shock or even electrocution.

Therefore, having a SAEFTY Mark is an assurance to the general public that these adaptors have been checked and tested to ensure that they comply with the authority’s safety standards.

For the past years, MKP Bikes has been diligently sending our power adaptors for testing. Garnering the SAFETY Marks for our power adaptors give our consumers assurance and peace of mind while charging their PMDs.


Buying a PMD, what should you look out for?

So you have decided to buy a PMD for yourself. Here are some tips for choosing a PMD that meets the LTA and SPRING Singapore regulations:

1. If you are buying an electric bicycle, remember that all electric bicycles need to be affixed with an official LTA seal in order for you to be able to ride it locally.

2. Look out for SAFETY Mark on the power adaptors that are part of your PMD package. If you are unsure if the SAFETY Mark is authentic, you can always run a check with SPRING Singapore.

3. Ensure that the retailer or distributor has a reliable backend service centre that is well stocked with parts and components that can service your PMD for wear and tear or mechanical/electrical replacements.


Looking for something suitable? Our e-store holds a range of SPRING Singapore approved power adaptors and LTA approved electric bicycle. Browse the range to find out more.