Thinking of cycling or using a personal mobility device (PMD) as part of your daily commute?

From 1 Dec 2016, commuters will be able to bring foldable bicycles and PMDs on board buses and trains at all hours of the day, as part of a six-month trial to encourage more people to use public transport, and to adopt active mobility for the first and last mile of their daily.

Commuters who intend to travel with their foldable bicycle or PMD on board public transport must comply with rules and guidelines to ensure that they do not affect the safety and convenience of other travellers.


For example, devices must be folded at all times within MRT stations, bus interchanges, as well as on board trains and buses. Protruding parts such as handle bars or bicycle pedals, which may injure other commuters or damage property, should also be covered up or retracted.

Commuters with foldable bicycles, PMDs or other bulky items are also strongly advised to board the next train or bus if the first one is too crowded.


Source:┬áLand Transport Authority – We Keep Your World Moving / Facebook

Dated: 24 November 2016