To improve the safety of other road users, including pedestrians, PABs that are used on public roads or cycling/shared paths must be type-approved, sealed and registered.  The registration of PABs will also enhance LTA’s enforcement against the use of non-compliant PABs.


So what are PABs?

Since the start of the registration we have received many enquiries from users whether their PMDs need to be registered with LTA?

PABs stands for Pedal Assisted Bicycles, some call it electric bicycle/ebike. Do not confuse PABs with Electric Scooters or Mobility Aids. The image below will help you to differentiate the different types of mobility devices in the market.

In short, the device that need to be registered with LTA is a bicycle with motor, battery and LTA approval seal.


How does the LTA seal look like?

The LTA approval seal can be found affixed on your PAB/Ebike/Electric bicycle.

Sample of LTA seal


My existing PAB does not have the LTA seal, can I get it registered?

From 1 February 2016, only PABs that meet the following revised requirements will be approved and sealed:

  • The construction of a PAB must be similar to that of a conventional bicycle;
  • The PAB can only be powered by an electric source;
  • The PAB must comply with European Standard, EN15194, for electric power assisted cycles;
    • The maximum continuous power output of the PAB must not exceed 250 watts;
    • The motor power of the PAB can only cut in when the rider starts to pedal;
    • The motor power of the PAB must be progressively reduced and finally cut off as the bicycle reaches 25km/h, or sooner, if the cyclist stops pedalling;
  • The maximum weight of the PAB must not exceed 20kg.

So if your existing ebike does not meet this requirements, most likely it will not be approved by LTA. You can try to ask LTA, but most likely, they will not entertain you if it does not meet the above requirements set by them.

Note – From 1 February 2018, only PABs with a valid orange seal can be registered. So if your PABs is affixed with the valid blue seal, better get it registered before 31st January 2018.

From 1 February 2018, enforcement against use of unregistered PABs on public roads and cycling/ shared paths will take place.


Thinking of selling/buying/transferring your PAB?

If someone else has taken over your PAB, or if you have taken over a PAB from an existing owner, you must transfer the PAB within 7 days. The registered PAB owner will be held responsible for the PAB until a transfer has been effected.

It is an offence to sell or be in possession of a PAB without effecting a transfer of PAB within 7 days.

Transfer Requirements:

  • Prospective new owner must be at least 16 years old
  • PAB must have a valid seal and is registered

If your PAB does not have a seal, please bring your PAB to the selected AICs for inspection, sealing and registration.  See above section for details.

Transfer Fee:

  •  S$11 non-refundable transfer fee is payable per PAB transferred

Transfer Channel:

See checklist for PAB Transfer

  • Online

Watch the video guide  if you need help on transferring your PAB.


See step-by-step guide below.

Existing owner will need:

  • SingPass/CorpPass/EASY to login
  • PAB registration number
  • New owner’s

1. Identification number
2. Name
3. Email address
4. Handphone number (if new owner is an individual)

New owner will need to login within 5 calendar days after being notified via email:

  • SingPass/CorpPass/EASY to login
  • PAB Registration Number provided by existing owner
  • Your particulars (e.g. name, identification number, address)
  • Date of Birth (if you are an individual)
  • Scanned image of your original identification document(s) (only required for FIN holders, and Singaporeans/Permanent Residents who turn 16 years old in the year of PAB transfer)
  • Email address
  • Handphone number (if you are an individual)
  • Valid Credit / Debit Card (VISA / MasterCard only) or Internet Banking Account with Citibank, DBS/POSB, OCBC/Plus!, Standard Chartered Bank or UOB (eNETS Debit) with adequate balance for deduction of the S$11 transfer fee for each PAB transferred.

How to transfer a PAB:

Step 1: Existing PAB registered owner logs into e-Services using SingPass/CorpPass/EASY to initiate a transfer request (Ownership > PAB > Transfer of PAB).

Step 2: Once the registered owner has initiated a transfer request successfully, the PAB owner-to-be (i.e. New Owner) will be notified via email to respond.  New Owner must log into e-Services using SingPass/CorpPass/EASY within 5 calendar days to confirm the transfer request (for existing Asset Owners, go to Ownership > PAB > Confirm Transfer of PAB).  Otherwise the transfer request will be deleted.

Step 3: Upon accepting the transfer request, the transfer fee of S$11 for each PAB transferred will be payable by the New Owner.


*Tip: Do not deregister your PAB. Or else you will have to pay a registration fee of $50 to re-register it again.