Registering your PABs or Electric Bicycles

Registration of PABs or electric bicycles commences from 14 August 2017.  You must be 16 years old or above to register a PAB in your name.


PABs or Electric Bicycles sealed from 14 August 2017 onwards

From 14 August 2017, registration of the PABs or electric bicycles will be carried out with the sealing of the PABs at selected AICs.  Please bring along the following documents and fees for registration of the PAB or electric bicycle when you send the PABs for type-approval / sealing at the AICs.

1.       Completed PAB02 Registration form
2.       Original identification document(s)
3.       S$50 (cash or NETS) for each PAB or electric bicycle registered


Existing Sealed PABs or Electric Bicycles With Blue or Orange Seals

If you have an existing sealed PABs or electric bicycles, you have up to 31 January 2017 to register your PABs online via using Singpass/CorpPass/EASY, or at any SingPost post offices.

To encourage early registration, the registration fees of S$50 will be waived for all PABs or electric bicycles registered on or before 30 November 2017.

Note – From 1 February 2018, only PABs or electric bicycles with a valid orange seal can be registered.

From 1 February 2018, enforcement against use of unregistered PABs or electric bicycles on public roads and cycling/ shared paths will take place.


For current e-bike users, you can contact us now for more information about the registration. We can assist you in ensuring a smooth registration process.