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A journey redefined

From the very start we’ve followed our passion for redefining the journey. In 2008, we changed the electric bicycle market forever with the world’s first true electric bicycle, with its own bespoke internal motor system. But simply starting an engineering revolution wasn’t enough. We wanted our collection to have its own, distinct identity, and not simply look like bicycles with batteries added. So our German design team created an entire range of electric bicycles that ride as beautifully as they look.

Our passion for design

In 2008, we changed the electric bicycle market forever with the world’s first true e-bike.  We have been designing e-bikes that ride as beautifully as they look ever since. Our passion to achieve the perfect balance of design and performance has resulted in the creation of the exceptional e-bikes we have in our collection today.  Each bicycle has its own distinct identity.  Inspired by the world’s great innovators, today’s A2B range is the result of the engineering innovation and design brilliance of our Berlin design centre.  We believe that it’s the minute details that make our e-bikes so special; the attention to detail, drive for perfection, thought and hard work that goes into each and every model.

Award-winning design, superb performance, German precision – view our collection to find your perfect A2B e-bike.


Designed to be highly portable, the Kuo+ conveniently folds down for easy carrying or storage. The stylish and lightweight Kuo+ increases both your journey options and enjoyment.

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Tornado Series

The Tornado series is the brainchild of MKP Bikes. Our years of experience coupled with ongoing research & development enable us to craft an electric bicycle that is easy to ride, good looking, affordable, and revolutionizing the way people travel.

tornado_blitz_web Centurion
Tornado STA1026  Tornado Blitz  Tornado Centurion
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