MKP Service Centre – 10 Years Experience In Repairing Of Electric Bikes And Scooters

MKP Bikes undertakes an arduous journey in our ongoing research and technical innovations for our electric bicycles and scooters. Our home brands are based on the technical principles and values set by our Service Centre and this engineering spirit is uphold in the paths and projects we embark on.

MKP Bikes operates a full fledge service centre at our current address. At our core is a team of committed and experienced service personnel to assist you in the electrical and mechanical works for your electric bicycles, personal mobility devices and bicycles.

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Our Services

Electrical Diagnosis & Repair

We are equipped with the latest technology to troubleshoot and diagnose electrical issues for your mobility devices.

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Mechanical Servicing & Repair

Our services include inspection of vehicle components for safety, reset, re-alignment and adjustment of parts and components.

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A2B Authorised Support Centre

We provide a one-time free A2B bike servicing for our A2B customers once you have travelled 100km.

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We are well stocked with over 1000 electrical and mechanical components that are readily available for use and sale.

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Corporate Servicing

Our corporate servicing arm entails the proper inspection and repair of your fleet on schedule so downtime is minimized.

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What Our Clients Say

I would like to thank you all for a great service which have been done to day for 2 of my scooter. Thank you once again and will spread the words for kind professional service and attitude.
Khalil Abuthinin, Singapore
Great service and we get answers to all our questions. Nice bike and very pro team. Go ahead if you want to go electric / green:-))
Theate Caroline, Singapore
Nice service by the team. Thank you.
Arnaud Lambotte, Singapore
Good service by the team who advises me accordingly.
Jumari, Singapore

Our Service Promise

Our customers enjoy free diagnostic testing on their electric bicycles all year round so they can be assured that any arising problems will be nipped in the bud.
Our maintenance & service specialists undergo extensive training to offer uncompromised standard on maintaining and servicing our products.
We know your time is important and strive to achieve job completion within 3 days.
Our team is on hand to offer technical expertise and advise with over a decade of experience and technical knowledge in this field.
A standard procedure is in place for the team to follow so customers can have peace of mind knowing their products are well taken care of.

The Service Team

At the heart of the service centre is a dedicated and passionate service team with a deep knowledge of electrical mobility devices and uncompromising, meticulous attention to details.

Spearheading the team is Jason, who has been specially trained at A2B in the United Kingdom, and certified to carry out A2B inspections and repairs locally. He has years of technical experience behind him, with a speciality in electrical diagnostics and components. Jason is the team principal who trains and motivates his team members in the pursuit of excellence.

“You can have the perfect diagnostic machine to analyse the problem, but you’ll still need the best pair of hands with the technical expertise to resolve it.”

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