Introducing Tornado Brand

The Tornado brand is about an expectation, a mindset to do what is right for the Singapore electric bicycle industry.

 Back in the 2000s, it was a norm to directly import electric bicycles straight for China with no requirements listed and selling them to the mass here. However this gave rise to a lot of after sales issues ranging from inferior parts to inconsistent standard of assembly. There and then, the management of MKP decided that “enough is enough”. We then embarked on a journey to establish “a Singapore standard”, devising our own design of electric bike and engineered our way of assembly. We got our sources to gather only the parts we wanted and set about controlling the quality of the bicycles through careful assembly process and stringent quality check so as to ensure the final products met our expectation.

 After a few years of trial and error as well as fine tuning, the Tornado brand is finally borned and formally registered in 2012. From then on, we have been producing e-bikes with “a Singapore standard” in mind. Our conviction is that as long as our customers are still using our electric bicycles, the Tornado brand is here to stay. So a big shout out to all our Tornado users:” Thank you for your decade of support!”

Intelligent Display

5 mode selection and important informations such as speed, trip, odometer and battery level right at your finger tips

Single Gear

It is single gear, a hassle-free mechanical requirement by most of our users who detest the complications of having multiple gears

Comfort Geometry

A stable aircraft grade 6061 alloy, with balanced and spacious low step frame, the stability is enhanced keeping you in a comfortable & upright riding position, making AQUA easy and enjoyable ride.

Effortless Cycling

Axle Integrated Sensor (A.I.S)  increases the responsiveness of the pedaling, which provides MAXIMUM assistance not only on flat road but also on hilly terrain.

High Torque Motor

High efficiency geared brushless motor with 45nm torque, conquer any hills or slopes effortlessly without breaking a sweat.

ZERO resistance when switching to manual mode

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