Kuo+ tradein

Good news for all MKP Bikes Customers! If you are looking to upgrade your electric bicycles, we are offering the following trade in program for your current electric bicycles to the new A2B KUO+.

With the new LTA regulations on electric bicycle, the A2B KUO+ is the 1st electric bicycle in Singapore to be affixed with the orange LTA tag. Not only does it meet the stringent requirements for EN15194 Certification, it also features a 250-watt motor and is both lightweight and easily folded up for travels on public transportation. The A2B KUO+ also comes with a safety mark charger.

Make an appointment with us to bring your current bicycle (together with the charger) to our showroom and receive an instant discount off the A2B KUO+.

Trade In Values for your current Electric Bicycle:

Model Value
Tornado Steel Frame Series $400
Tornado Alloy Frame Series $600
Italwin $600
A2B $800

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Trade in program is only available only at MKP Bikes Pte Ltd showroom.
  2. Only Tornado, A2B and Italwin electric bicycles are accepted for this trade in program.
  3. The electric bicycle and its accompanying charger must be provided during the trade in program.
  4. An additional towing service fee of $40 applies in cases where customer requires assistance for the electric bicycle to be brought in for the trade in program

Information correct as of 1st September 2016.